Snupit off to a very promising start of 2017's end

Snupit continues to help people find the best professional for any project.
Issued by Snupit
Johannesburg, Oct 11, 2017

A personal assistant that can be used to locate and hire the best professional for a project, within minutes. That is what Snupit, South Africa's top online portal, has evolved into. Founded in 2012, the portal has grown over the years to connect users to 350 000 pros and businesses. Snupit's Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Avinash Samlall noted the continued development of Snupit, saying, "With the recent addition of a mobile app, Snupit has taken on the role of a highly resourceful and efficient personal assistant, one that is a solution in itself for getting jobs done."

As the last quarter of 2017 kicks off, Snupit is poised to start the new year on a higher note, moving quickly and proudly towards making South Africa a more connected and happier country. With an increasingly educated and busier population, people in South Africa have a growing need to find a range of professionals from landscaping pros to math tutors. And they need to be able to do that fairly quickly.

Snupit is a wonderful win-win for local professionals and businesses and people who need their services. Both "pros" and "users" as they're referred to in Snupit's domain, get the best of what they want. Users find the best person for the job and pros get great clients. Both get the invaluable peace of mind that comes with a reliable professional on call, and a steady stream of jobs.

The ease of use for both pros and users also plays a big role in Snupit's utility. Whether it's the Snupit Web site or the mobile app, it can be used to get what you want with speed and precision. Samlall also remarked: "Ultimately, what makes us most proud of Snupit, is its ability to improve people's quality of life. What we have here is a system that's designed to simplify daily lives and enhance earning potential. And with time this system continues to get better, and in turn, enhancing more lives, more quickly. Not to mention the positive impact on the economy as Snupit contributes to the increasingly important gig economy."

With cutting-edge technology going in on one end, and rising economic benefits coming out the other, Snupit seems to be in a very respectable position from more than one angle. In a time where the prospect of job creation and uplifting the economy is the highest priority for governments and the corporate sector, a system such as Snupit definitely counts as an all-round hit.