Snupit now running 600+ service categories, connecting more people and pros

Issued by Snupit
Johannesburg, Aug 13, 2018

Snupit, South Africa's leading local services platform, is now running over 600 service categories. Launched in 2012, the portal achieved this feat in just six short years. This means the portal will be connecting more people with a wider range of pros.

On the other hand, different kinds of local pros and businesses will be able to find new customers looking for their services.

Founder and CEO of South Africa's leading online marketplace Snupit, Avinash Samlall remarked: "Since its inception, Snupit has been automating the process of hiring everyone from handymen to wedding caterers online. The team continues to include more service categories and we are very proud of crossing the 600 mark."

Too many times, the right person for a job doesn't meet the customer. The reason is lack of marketing on one hand and absence of the right references on the other. The perfect caterer may be just a block away, but he will not find the person having a birthday party because he didn't market himself efficiently. With the current technology, it is still challenging to hire the right local services. Not knowing who to hire and what kind of service a person will get is a big issue when hiring online. Snupit solves the problem by matching customers with the professionals best suited for their job.

Snupit keeps on growing and adding service categories, covering things like home renovations, events, automotive, health and wellness, and business services. Samlall talked about how adding different categories is important because each category represents a particular aspect of a person's life. He added: "Think about home renovation, health and wellness, or automotive services. All these are examples of an aspect of our lives. And we often need a professional to make that part of our life better, or solve a problem for us. That's what Snupit is all about, from the customer end, to get things on their to-do list done."

On the professionals' end, more service categories mean more work across more sectors. This also boosts economic activities in multiple markets. By adding more service categories, Snupit comes closer to achieving its dual goal. First, it makes most aspects of a person's life easier, with the right person for all kinds of jobs. Second, it makes almost every kind of professional and business get more work with less hassle.

It's a big win-win and Snupit is hopeful to continue adding more service categories moving forward, enriching the lives of both local pros and people looking for professional services.