Getting customer request e-mails: what happens next

Issued by Snupit
Johannesburg, Feb 9, 2017

Dear Pro

You've been getting Snupit's customer request e-mails and not sure what this is about. The e-mails you are receiving are notifications of the business leads that are posted by genuine customers on Snupit's Web site ( who are looking to hire local services from professionals like yourself.

You've received the quote request e-mail, what happens next?

If you remember adding your business profile to Snupit's network, that's great - simply click the button on the e-mail to "View Customer Details". You will be redirected to the Snupit login page. Enter your username (Your CellPhone Number) and password (5 digit code sent via SMS), and you can access the customer request.

If you cannot remember adding your business, or perhaps maybe a work colleague or customer of yours may have added your business details, you may follow the below steps.

1. Click the button on the e-mail to "View Customer Details", you will be redirected to the Snupit login page.2. If you don't have a valid login, click the link to "Create a New Account"3. After you add your profile and enter a 5-digit code (sent via SMS), you will be redirected to confirm your business details.4. Click "Yes, Confirmed" to link your business to your user profile.5. You will then be able to access customer requests and make changes to your account settings.

If you're still unsure, Snupit is here to help you. Send Snupit an e-mail or call - its support team is on standby to help you.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.