Snupit shares key takeaways from important survey, including business users

The results are in...
Issued by Snupit
Johannesburg, Apr 9, 2019

Snupit recently conducted a survey with small business owners who are listed on the platform. The survey's goal was to better understand how professionals and business owners feel about the experiences and challenges they face doing business in South Africa.

The company had recently participated in the 2019 Business Show, in Johannesburg, where Snupit met with many users and recorded their testimonials. According to Snupit's Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Avinash Samlall, the survey is another step to get a better understanding of its users.

Talking about the survey, Samlall said: "At Snupit, we like to keep a finger on the market's pulse. An intimate understanding of the pros of using our service is what helps us continually improve and grow. We're always learning how to make things easier and more efficient for our users."

Following are some of the key findings of the survey:

* Snupit is considered an effective marketing strategy. Due to limited funds, small business owners focus on strategies that can produce tangible results.* 72% of respondents used word of mouth and referrals by customers.* 45% of respondents said they have a Web site.* 28% were using Facebook.* 18% used bulk e-mails to own list.* 12% used search engine optimisation/search engine marketing.* 10% used flyers.* 8% used street pole and furniture advertising.* For small business owners, marketing was more of a time investment than a financial investment. Most respondents did the marketing themselves.* A total of 92% of the businesses that invested in technology in 2018 reported their investment in technology was already profitable.* More than 50% of respondents felt that if they had more time and resources, they would like to focus on improving their business strategy and business management.* The survey also revealed that technology had a strong impact on their business in 2018. And they would like to adopt digital payment technology in 2019, such as Yoco, PayPal, or Zapper.

Commenting on the findings, Samlall added: "Ultimately, it is about making Snupit a more effective and profitable tool that empowers small businesses across South Africa. And information from this [the survey] and other sources helps us make it happen."

Empathising with users is the cornerstone of every successful business and service. Snupit's survey is one of the many things the company does to remain intimately connected with its growing user base.