Snupit unveils mobile app, taking SA's top portal to the next level

With the Snupit App, the shortest distance between pros and customers becomes even shorter.
Issued by Snupit
Johannesburg, Sep 7, 2017

South Africa's top online portal Snupit has just launched its mobile app. Used by over 2 million people every month, Snupit connects users to 350,000 local pros and businesses. The app is part of a new strategy that the company implemented earlier this year in January 2017. In development for three months, the app is now available as a free download on Google Play.

Snupit's Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Avinash Samlall remarked about Snupit: "Our online marketplace is geared for local professionals to gain new customers. With the launch of the app, we've streamlined the lead generation process and our Pros can respond quickly to customers looking for quotes."

With speed and simplicity driving cutting-edge technology in any industry, the Snupit app seems to have what it takes to take Snupit, already the leading online portal in South Africa, to the next level.

While online portals connecting buyers and sellers are nothing new (Snupit itself has been running for five years now), the Snupit app adds speed and flexibility in a way that enables a significantly better lifestyle for every user. Whether it's a soccer mom who needs help planning a birthday party or a person who needs their home plumbing fixed, the Snupit app makes it a breeze.

Samlall further highlighted the utility of the app for professionals, "The app fits into the busy working days of our Pros, allowing them to receive push notifications and respond to job posts anywhere and at any time. It's designed to be so straight forward that our Pros can even stop mid-task, view the job details, quote on the job, and get back to work within a few minutes."

For the pros of course, this translates into more jobs, yet less hassle. Most professionals don't have access to marketing specialists nor do they have a marketing budget, making the app more valuable. Since pros and small businesses rely on word of mouth and can't depend on advertising to generate relevant leads, Snupit levels the playing field.

The Snupit app further transforms the process, and is now the fastest way for pros to get more qualified leads. This astounding simplification of lead generation takes away the biggest pain for professionals. Thanks to the app, they can better focus on their work, while on the other end, customers are able to find the right person for the job faster than ever. It's a brilliant win-win.

The app can be downloaded from over 200 cities across South Africa from Johannesburg to Cape Town to Durban. An iPhone app is in the works, and is expected to launch in two months' time.