Snupit a finalist at prestigious 2018 MTN App of the Year Awards

After winning the heart of countless users, Snupit impresses judges and voters as well.
Issued by Snupit
Johannesburg, Oct 30, 2018

On Thursday, 11 October 2018, the MTN App of the Year Awards ceremony was held at the Sandton Convention Centre, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Snupit participated in this highly competitive event and was runner-up in the Best Enterprise Solution category.

There were around 700 entrants that participated across 12 categories. Snupit was shortlisted in the Best Enterprise Solution Category, Best Women in Stem Category, and Best South African Solution Category.

Submissions were reviewed by Business App of the Year experts who chose the top five apps in each category. Of these 60 shortlisted apps, users were asked to vote to select an app for the People's Choice Award.

Avinash Samlall, Snupit's CEO and Co-Founder, remarked: "South Africa's most innovative app companies took part in these prestigious awards, making this a significant achievement for Snupit. We're thrilled to make it this far and will go higher next time."

The competition was in progress during September. After being shortlisted for three categories, Snupit was invited to a higher round of judging on Tuesday, 25 September. The company was asked to present the Snupit app to the judges for 10 minutes, followed by a short Q&A.

The MTN App of the Year Awards is considered a champion of app development in South Africa. It celebrates local talent and innovative thinking that drive disruption. Since its inception six years ago, it has evolved as a leading app development competition in the country. In addition to amazing prizes, entrants enjoy excellent media exposure and publicity. More so, of course, for finalists and winners.

Samlall added: "It was a privilege and an honour to be among such a high calibre of entrants. We've worked so hard on Snupit and are really proud of how it has grown. We know how we're really connected with the masses and now we're also happy to be recognised on such an amazing platform. We're looking forward to participating next year and going all the way."

The MTN App of the Year Awards had its inaugural event in 2012, the same year Snupit was launched.