FutureLearn partners with Quanta Books to broaden its physical sciences offering

Issued by Optimi
Johannesburg, Apr 16, 2018

FutureLearn recently partnered with Quanta Books to broaden its physical sciences offering. The Quanta Book series, which is available in English and Afrikaans, provides preparation books and DVDs for Grade 10, 11 and 12 to learners, tutors and schools. The agreement with Quanta Books, concluded in April this year, will see the companies joining forces to strengthen FutureLearn's current offering to its clients.

Commenting on the acquisition, Miemie Pretorius, CEO of Quanta Books, said: "I am very excited that my baby, Quanta Books, whom I have nursed for so many years, has come of age and is now ready to face new opportunities. I can think of no better foster parents than FutureLearn to guide and support Quanta Books in this new venture. The partnership with FutureLearn will enable me to focus on developing new ideas and methods of learning and teaching physical sciences and help me keep the content up to date."

The addition of Quanta Books to FutureLearn's offering - which includes the home-education brand Impaq, school and teacher materials, and support brand Teach360, model school Arrow Academy in Centurion, as well as tutoring platform Tuta-Me - will provide the group's clients with additional practice and examination preparation tools.

Marli Lombard, general manager of FutureLearn's Central Offering Group, noted: "Since its establishment in 2005, Quanta Books has developed comprehensive examination preparation content for physical sciences. The books include bite-sized explanations that are easy to understand and the DVDs contain animations and demonstrations that help learners visualise difficult concepts. It has been used by thousands of learners in South Africa, and we are excited to incorporate these tools to assist learners with the preparations for their physical sciences examinations."

One learner, Fourie Barnard, describes his success in using the Quanta Book series: "The questions from each unit deal with the topic thoroughly. If you've worked through all the questions, it's almost impossible for you to get a sum in the examination that is asked in an unfamiliar way." He added: "I would definitely think that it's a book that you would like to have with you all year round for practising and exam preparation."

Education reformists are predicting significant improvements and innovation in global education systems over the next 10 to 20 years. Lombard believes FutureLearn and Quanta Books are ideally positioned to contribute to innovation in education provision and examination preparation.

"FutureLearn is committed to the future of learning. Our partnership with Miemie Pretorius will allow us to further innovate content development for a critical subject such as physical sciences," she concluded.

To learn more about Quanta Books, visit us at www.quantabooks.co.za.