InterSystems announces webinar series for developers: IRIS Tech Talks
<span>IRIS Tech Talks is a webinar series for developers.</span>
Jun 15, 2020
InterSystems releases new version of InterSystems IRIS Data Platform
Latest version of market-leading data platform software makes it even easier to develop and deploy real-time, machine learning-enabled applications that bridge data and application silos.
Mar 31, 2020
InterSystems announces enhanced open source availability for InterSystems iKnow technology
Open source offering enables users to take advantage of InterSystems iKnow advanced natural language processing capabilities.
Feb 26, 2020
Africa's first private healthcare information exchange set to drive health revolution
CareConnect has selected InterSystems to implement HealthShare Unified Care Record and HealthShare Patient Index to revolutionise the local healthcare system.
Feb 25, 2020